Amish Beard Soap

amish soap

Soap is the product of a chemical reaction that occurs when an acid (fat) and a base (lye) combine. It is made by combining lye with water and stirring until the mixture becomes thick.

It is used to cleanse, soften and moisturize skin and hair. It is gentle on your skin and is effective for eczema, psoriasis, rashes and allergies. More info

The secret to soap is a special recipe that the Amish have perfected over many generations. It is a cold process soap that is produced under very low temperatures. The curing process lasts over a month before the soap is cut into bars.

Amish Soap is incredibly gentle on your skin and has an ultra thick, silky smooth lather that makes it great for shaving and washing your hair. It is also pet friendly and is very good for people with rashes, dry or sensitive skin.

Discovering the Natural and Nurturing Qualities of Amish Soap

This soap is made in the USA with all natural ingredients and is hand cut according to strict Old World customs. It is a wonderful gift for anyone that loves to suds up!

The scent is a blend of eucalyptus, cinnamon and Eugenia. It is a light scent that will not overpower your beard and will leave it feeling very fresh and clean.

A beard soap is specifically crafted for your beard and it is important to use it to wash your beard properly. It will not strip your beard of the natural oils and it will leave your beard softer than if you used head shampoo on your beard.