How to Compress JPEG

In order to optimize your images, you may want to learn how to compress JPEG. This format is a popular format for photos and other types of files. It is usually used for websites. Its compression ratio ranges from 1% to 90%, with the latter resulting in a 70% reduction in file size. In contrast, lossy compression dramatically reduces the quality of an image, reducing finer details and making pixels larger. As a result, the image will look blocky.

A Little Known Way To How To Compress JPEG

To compress a JPEG, you need to convert it into a PNG. To do so, open Windows Paint. Select the area of the image that you want to keep, then click the Crop tool. When you are finished, click the Resize tool. The Resize dialog box will appear. Choose Pixels or Crop and enter the smaller values into the horizontal or vertical boxes. Once you have changed the size, click OK to confirm the changes.

The next step is to compress PNG image into a JPG. Start by right-clicking on the image to open Windows Paint. Select the portion of the image you want to remove. Click the Crop tool to cut off the image. Once you have selected the area, click the Resize tool to open a resize dialog. Choose Pixels for the resizing method. You can now enter smaller values in the Horizontal and Vertical boxes and click OK.