Moles on Face Meaning

moles on face meaning

Moles are growths on the skin caused by moles on face meaning skin cells. They are usually medium-to dark brown, reddish brown or flesh colored and they vary in size. Some can cover an entire arm while others are as small as a pinhead. Most are benign (not cancerous) but some are dangerous and should be watched by a doctor, especially those that change in color, shape or texture, such as becoming raised or exhibiting other unusual signs of disease. Keeping track of moles with a special notebook and camera is a good way to monitor them. Be sure to look for the ABCDEs of moles: Asymmetry, Border, Color and Diameter and how they evolve over time.

What Do Your Facial Moles Say About You? A Comprehensive Guide to Their Symbolism

A mole on the chin symbolizes affection and care. These people lead a balanced and successful life. They are not a fan of monotony and prefer to be surrounded by new people and places. Having a mole here also indicates that the person has great luck for their career, especially post-middle age.

A mole here suggests that this person will be able to manage their finances well. They will have a modest share of acquired wealth. Women with this mole will be quite generous and loving towards their family. However, they should be careful not to spend their money in an unwise manner. A mole on the forehead indicates financial prosperity. It signifies that this person is a very hard worker and they will be able to earn what they deserve. They will have many children and grandchildren and they will be rich in both material and spiritual terms.