Specialized Car Park Coatings

specialist car park coatings

The specialist car park coatings is subject to a lot of stress, it needs to be strong enough for the impact loads from vehicles, absorb shocks and vibrations, resist chemicals like fuels and lubricants and be tough enough to hold up to heavy traffic levels. It also needs to be durable and low-maintenance, dry quickly to return the area back into service and have good anti-slip properties to avoid tyre squeal (particularly important in ramps).

Line marking is another essential feature of a quality car park coating system. The ability to clearly see the line markings helps keep people safe, as well as making it easier for them to find the car park space they are looking for. This is why we provide a wide range of options for car park floor paint, including hardwearing and non-slip, textured and UV resistant products.

Mastering Protection: The Role of Specialist Coatings in Car Park Preservation

Specialized car park coating systems are designed to meet the unique demands of multi-story and outdoor car parks, from ground-bearing slabs through to intermediate and top decks. These floors need to be able to cope with high temperatures, atmospheric conditions, and de-icing salt effects, as well as abrasion from both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The uncovered top decks of multi-story car parks have the added requirement of being able to cope with large volumes of rainfall without leaking water into the levels below, which could cause damage or lead to safety issues. They also need to be able to resist aggressive liquids, such as fuels, battery acids and cleaning fluids that could otherwise penetrate the concrete and attack the steel reinforcing bars. Lastly, they need to be able to withstand the carbonation of the concrete caused by vehicle exhaust fumes, which would otherwise cause structural failure.