The Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter

The hot wire cnc foam cutter is an easy and fun project for those wanting to cut polystyrene (EPS) or extruded polystyrene (XPS or pink foam). It cuts quickly and efficiently. It is also great for sculpting and shaping foam. For war gamers, this tool is ideal for making hills, trenches and other terrain features. It is a very practical and inexpensive way to make a diorama for your game table.Check this out

There are several types of hot wire foam cutters on the market. Some have a rigid cutting edge that you operate like a knife to create straight or curved cuts. Others have a bendable wire that acts more like a clay sculpting tool to shape and sculpt the foam. They can even cut tapered shapes like a Zagi-like wing or a Jet wing. Some are equipped with a food pedal to turn the heat on.

Crafting with Precision: Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutting for DIY Enthusiasts

While ventilation is highly suggested, the smoke generated when cutting EPS foam with a hot wire cutter is primarily water vapor and carbon dioxide which are less harmful than aerosol sprays or paint thinners. It is certainly far less toxic than the saw dust generated when using a wood bandsaw or sanding a piece of wood.

The easiest and cheapest type of hot wire foam cutter is the “foam cutter pen” type of arts & crafts tool available at most hobby stores. It is a very simple design that plugs in, turns on and starts cutting. Other more sophisticated versions of this have adjustable wires to enable miter cuts and so on. It’s also possible to buy software that generates G-code and controls the machine on a Linux PC. Examples include DevFoam and Profilli.