What to Expect From a Car Dealership

A growing number of auto dealers have embraced customer-friendly no-haggle sales methods and streamlined processes that demonstrate they value shoppers’ time. However, many still employ time-tested strategies to extract maximum profit from customers’ wallets and bank accounts. Knowing what to expect when you buy or lease a vehicle can help you avoid costly mistakes that could cost you for years.

How many dealerships does Ford have?

Whether they’re shopping online or in-person, shoppers often have tons of questions about car models, financing options, leasing plans, upgrades, and more. Providing prompt and accurate support throughout the shopping journey can help you build trust and win repeat business.

One tactic Car Dealership use is to get you to agree to a price for the car you’re interested in but then sneak in other terms that increase your costs. To protect yourself, always ask to see a detailed, itemized list of every charge or add-on you’re considering before signing any paperwork.

Dealers may also try to deceive you by making the purchase price look smaller than it really is. They do this by adding in the money factor, a decimal figure that’s used to calculate your monthly payments when you choose to lease. To avoid falling for this, always ask to see the money factor and multiply it by 2,400 to find out the actual interest rate.

Another way they make their money is by selling you a loan that’s longer than you need. By doing this, they can boost their profits by charging you extra interest for a few dozen additional months. To avoid this, always get preapproved with your own lender before visiting the dealership and keep the finance and price negotiations separate.