pakistani chitral kush

Named after the town of Chitral in Pakistan, this pure landrace strain is an ancestor of modern cannabis and remains effective in today’s market. It is not very common but can still be found in select dispensaries. Pakistani Chitral Kush, or PCK, is known for its short flowering period and generous resin production. Its plants are very adaptable and can handle a wide range of temperatures and climates. They typically grow with broad leaves and a bushy structure, and yields are often about nine ounces per square meter indoors and up to 21 ounces outdoors.

The smell of this plant is very distinctive and pleasant, pakistani chitral kush of earthy berries. It can also carry scents of mint, pine and wood. As for the taste, consumers report a mix of sweet flavors, reminiscent of ripe summer berries and candy. The flavor is sometimes tinged with hints of sandalwood and earthy dankness.

Pakistani Chitral Kush: A Journey into the Heritage and Effects of a Revered Cannabis Strain

In terms of effects, pakistani chitral kush is known for its ability to relieve stress and tension. It can also induce a deep sleep, making it an ideal choice for relaxing after a long day. Consumers should be aware that this strain can cause dry eyes and mouth, as well as headaches if overused.

ACE Seeds offers both regular and feminized seeds of this popular indica strain. This strain has been bred since the mid-1990s by Cannabiogen, and is one of the best pure landraces available today. It is very mold resistant and has the ability to withstand a lot of cold and rainy weather, unlike many current Afghani varieties that easily rot.