Digital marketing is a powerful way to reach customers, grow your business & compete online. It provides the data you need to prove your return on investment, and create customer experiences that convert. But what if your current strategy isn’t working? We’ll show you how to get more value from your marketing budget & create a revenue-focused strategy that helps you achieve your goals.

What are SEO examples?

Internet marketing gold is a collection of courses that teach you SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the process of getting more traffic to your website from search engines like Google. This traffic can then be monetized in many ways, from affiliate marketing to becoming an SEO freelancer or agency owner. IMG also includes a number of bonus resources including a 15-minute coaching call for each new student and an SEO test library with cutting edge insights and tips.

The instructors at IMG are very experienced. The founder is Kyle Roof who is a white hat SEO specialist and serial digital entrepreneur, having co-founded Page Optimizer Pro among others. Other instructors include Matt Diggity, who has a course focusing on affiliate marketing.

IMG is well worth a look, especially if you’re an SEO beginner or need to learn more advanced topics such as local search, design & technical SEO. It’s also worth checking out if you want to become an SEO freelancer or agency owner, as IMG offers a range of courses that cover the essentials. However, the lack of significant success stories and the recurring monthly expense might make you pause before signing up.