If you’ve been putting off a Brazilian wax (or any other type of waxing for that matter) because it seemed expensive, read on. Here, some of the best salons for cheap waxing in Vancouver.

Cheap Waxing Vancouver  hair salon, this women-only waxing spa offers everything from bikini waxes to full-body waxes. The waxers are all certified estheticians and have been with the company for at least a decade, so you can trust their experience. The studio is clean and cozy, and many clients say the waxers are efficient and skilled at reducing pain.

A full body wax includes the intimate area, arms, legs, and back. It’s usually the priciest option but it gives you a long-lasting smoothness that shaving can’t match. It’s also a great idea to schedule your sessions about 4-6 weeks apart.

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If your pain threshold is low, you can try a pre-waxing cream that reduces the discomfort by 40%. It’s available in the spa retail hutch, and costs $19.

If you can’t afford to go to a professional for a wax, you can still get your smooth on with a DIY kit. These kits come with all the essentials to nix that unwanted hair. Whether you want to wax your face, bikini line, or legs, these kits have got you covered. Just remember to avoid using any skin products with a high pH level, as this makes your skin sensitive. Also, anyone taking Accutane or Glycolic acid should not wax for six months.