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recommended depth of loft insulation

At recommended depth of loft insulation depth of loft insulation stands at between 270mm – 300mm. This is a significant increase over recommendations from the 1980s, where professionals opted for thicknesses between 25mm – 50mm.

New houses are built to this standard, but most old properties have much less in place than this. It’s not too late to increase the level of insulation in your home though, and this will help save you money on energy bills, reduce heat loss and prevent condensation.

When it comes to insulating your loft, there are many different types available. Some have a higher thermal performance than others, and some provide additional benefits such as sound reduction. Blanket insulation, for example, is a cost-effective solution that’s easy to install in your loft and can be laid on top of existing insulation.

“From Drafty to Dreamy: Trustworthy Loft Insulation Companies Nearby

Alternatively, you could opt for blown insulation. This is not ideal for DIY and will require a professional to install it properly between your loft joists. It’s important to know how much insulation you need before buying it, as too little will not be as effective.

The most popular form of insulation is rock wool or glass wool, and this can be purchased in rolls or batts, depending on your requirements. Another option is a slab of insulation which can be cut to size and placed over the joists, or on the floor of your loft. This provides a great combination of thermal and acoustic performance, and is an ideal choice for homes in busy areas or for those that suffer from excessive noise from neighbouring properties.