As a staple nail look that never goes out of style, the classic french manicure nails are a versatile choice to suit any occasion. However, sometimes the look may feel a bit too familiar or basic, especially for those who are looking to try something new.

Fortunately, the beauty world has provided a variety of trends to spice up this classic look. From colorful tips to glitter-filled accents, these innovative French manicure nail designs will be sure to wow and elevate any style.

UV Lamp for Gel Nails

The classic French manicure begins with a base coat of natural-looking polish, typically in a pinkish nude tone that mimics the color of the nails’ cuticles. Once the base coat dries, a thin white tip is painted on each nail, following the natural curve of the nails. The look is finished with a clear top coat to protect the white tip and enhance its luminosity.

A modern twist on the classic French manicure is to experiment with the width and placement of the white tip line. Thicker lines can create a bold statement, while thinner ones exude delicacy. Also, the tip can be painted lower on the nail or higher to alter the visual impact.

For a more subtle take on the modern French manicure, opt for a sheer yellow shade as your base coat. This color will complement the white tips and add a hint of warmth to the look. A simple dusting of glitter or strategically placed sequins can elevate the look into a party-ready style that will definitely be the talk of the room.