Benefits of Casters Without Wheels

casters without wheels

Casters without wheels are a type of wheel that doesn’t have the same characteristics as standard casters. While these wheels are not as sturdy or durable as other casters, they can still be useful for certain applications.

Ergonomic Casters — How They Can Improve Productivity

The first thing to know about ergo casters is that they make your equipment much easier to move, which reduces strain on employees. Over time, this can reduce the number of injuries your employees are subject to.

Aside from reducing fatigue, ergonomic casters also reduce noise in the workplace. This can be especially helpful in environments where it’s common for people to work around loud machinery.

Beyond the Wheel: Exploring Alternative Caster Options for Industrial Applications

Ergo Casters Made to Roll

Another benefit of ergo casters is that they’re designed to be able to roll over any floor surface, including dirt and debris. This allows for easy movement of any large equipment or tool that needs to be moved across a floor.

Leveling Casters — How They Can Help

Finally, leveling casters are a great option for office furniture that needs to be maneuvered. They’re especially useful for desks, printers and vending machines.

When choosing a leveling caster, it’s important to consider its tread width, hub length and bearing type. These factors will determine the best caster for your application. For example, a narrow tread might be ideal for carpeting while a wide tread would be better for concrete floors. It’s also vital to choose the right caster material and a quality caster that will withstand wear and tear while supporting heavy loads.