CPCS Training For the 360 Telehandler

The telehandler is an 360 slew telehandler course prices piece of machinery, enabling teams to lift more materials higher and more often. However, to work safely and efficiently, your team needs CPCS training for working with these machines. Our CPCS course covers everything from understanding a telehandler’s max radius to how to secure a high-lift load. Successful completion of the course helps your operators to work more effectively, reduce the risk of injury and increase productivity on congested jobsites.

“360 Slew Telehandler Course Prices: Budgeting for Training Costs

As more and more worksites become increasingly crowded, rotary handlers have come into increasing demand, as they can pick-and-place material without needing to travel or maneuver. They are especially popular in space-restricted urban job sites where constant machine movement would be a problem for your crews.

Specifically, the RCB MRF 360 telehandler can be fitted with several attachments to help make it an aerial platform and rough terrain crane, allowing it to do the work of multiple machines in one go. This 3-in-1 capability significantly reduces load transport times and boosts productivity.

In addition, the electric powered machine is expected to generate a 65 % reduction in CO2 emissions compared to diesel power. This is an important step in Veolia’s journey towards ecological transformation, as it supports the council’s climate action plan and ambition to be carbon neutral by 2025.