How to Choose the Best Cold Press Juicer uk

best cold press juicer uk

If you’re looking to make more than smooth juice, consider a model that comes with extra filters for blending smoothies or making fruit coulis and solid inserts to process frozen fruit into sorbet. Having all of these attachments in one machine cuts down on prep time and can really make your juicer feel worth its upfront cost. It’s also great to find models that slot together easily and have a non-drip juicing spout that can be closed and locked so you can pour your drink directly into a glass.Learn

Juice Like a Pro: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Cold Press Juicers Available in the UK

We loved the fact that this juicer from Nutribullet (a brand that’s pretty synonymous with juicing) offers three different speeds for tackling different fruits and vegetables. The low speed is perfect for berries and soft veg, the high speed was fast enough to juice a carrot and the turbo speed whizzed through beetroot with ease. The machine was quiet too and we found it easy to clean, especially the mesh filters which have large vertical grooves that are much easier to clear than the nooks and crannies of other models.

There are two main types of juicers – centrifugal and masticating. The former shreds your ingredients quickly by spinning them against a grater or slightly pronged disk to create a pulp that’s then strained and channelled into a juice spout, while the latter works at a slower pace replicating the hand-juicing action of its ancestors. Masticating juicers tend to be more expensive but can make nutritiously satisfying drinks with a high fiber content that is richer in taste.