Law Firm Marketing Consultants

Until recently, when it came to growing their firms, law firms tended to use savvy paralegals for their marketing efforts. Today, many are hiring dedicated legal marketers. As marketing experts, they understand the complexities of the legal industry and the nuances of modern marketing strategies that can achieve firm growth.

What does marketing do for a law firm?

Law firm marketing consultants can help law firms connect to their target audience online through a variety of digital marketing strategies. These may include paid advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, and more. They also work with firms to create unique, compelling online campaigns that can generate interest and increase client leads.

As potential clients trade in their phone books and business cards for Google and LinkedIn, llaw firm marketing consultants need to develop online strategies that reach thousands of people at once. A good strategy starts with an in-depth competitive analysis that identifies competitors, scrutinizes their online presence and reputation through client reviews, and assesses their SEO and marketing methods.

Once a comprehensive strategy is in place, legal marketers can connect with prospects through unique online campaign strategies that showcase their firm’s particular perks. For example, a law firm’s website can highlight the practice areas of each attorney, including past work experience and credentials. This makes each lawyer feel like a person rather than a generic picture on a website, which can reassure prospects that they’re working with the right person. Then, they can start building trust by showcasing their knowledge through blog articles that can answer common questions and concerns.