The Primary Purpose of a Tick Examination

tick examination

Many people experience symptoms of tick-borne disease within two weeks of exposure. However, sometimes symptoms do not begin until two weeks after the initial exposure. If you suspect you have been bitten by a tick, seek medical care as soon as possible. Tell your doctor that you were exposed to ticks recently. You should also take precautions to prevent tick-borne diseases. Find out –

The Primary Purpose Of A Tick Examination Is To Diagnose Disease Caused By A Tick

The length of the tick’s attachment can be inferred from the history of the patient, but the time scale involved is difficult to determine. Patients who have been exposed to ticks repeatedly may require more accurate assessments. The scutal index may be a more accurate way to estimate how long a tick has been attached. If the tick is not attached to its host for long, it will be easier to determine the time scale. Once the duration of the tick’s attachment is known, the tick can be identified and prophylactically treated.

In addition to a visual inspection, a tick’s scutum must be measured. The scutum width is divided by the length of the tick’s body. The length and width of the scutum are critical, as they determine whether the tick is a human-biting tick. Using a tick-examination kit, a physician can identify the tick and calculate its scutal index using an application on a mobile phone.